Redwork Embroidery Patterns by Barbara Parrish
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About us is under the umbrella of Sierra-Blue. We are not strangers to Internet business.
I wanted a place to sell my patterns and this is it.

Embroidery is a love of mine that goes back to childhood. My grandmother Lily taught me how to embroider and my mother taught me how to sew. I can't imagine what my life would be like without either. The reason I started the redwork line of patterns is that I noticed that there was nothing new out there, and I wanted to do something besides the old penny squares. I was inspired by a children's book from 1923, so I drew some bodies and some clothing ideas, and the result is this line of 20's kids.

Quality is also important, and that's why I use only Kauffman's Kona for my designs. It's heavy enough for quilting, and you can't see the embroidery through it. I have ordered printed washout patterns in the past and been sorely disappointed when the fabric shrunk and my stitches were large loops instead of smooth lines in the fabric. This is why I always preshrink in hot water before the fabric goes to the screen-printer. It isn't very cost effective for me, but for the embroider, I think it will be a blessing.

I have in work right now, a set of embroidery quilt blocks in the Art Deco style. They should be finished within the next month.

My Webmaster and myself sponsor through the sale of these patterns, a website called The purpose of the website is to have a place for thread workers of any sort to gather, chat, learn new things and swap information and tips and generally keep the thread arts alive. We encourage you all to teach someone (especially a child) to sew or embroider or learn to quilt or make lace, so that the arts aren't lost forever.
Both websites are a labor of love. The Webmaster loves the technical end of it and I love the making things end of it!


Does anyone know who said that? I would like to give credit!

Thanks for shopping with us, please come back often,

Barbara Parrish

Redwork Patterns

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